About Us

When I started working as an architect after college, I was overwhelmed! The master’s degree I received was only the beginning of the learning process of becoming a good and successful architect. To keep up with all of the advice and tidbits of professional knowledge I came across, I made a 3-ring binder with prints and scans of anything that I thought would be helpful in the future. Eventually, that 3-ring binder turned into a folder on my computer desktop that I titled “cheat sheet.” After almost a decade of work, I still regularly look through that folder.

I wanted to create this website for two reasons:

  1. To create a repository for all the references I use regularly.
  2. Make that resource available to other architects, people in the construction industry, and DIYers.

I hope that you find this resource helpful. If you think anything is missing or have a “cheat sheet” of your own, I’d love to hear about it. Please reach out to me on my contact site.